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February 14-15, 2023, Houston

The future of oil and gas
automation and technology

Connect with VEERUM at the leading oil and gas automation and technology summit

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The oil & gas, chemical, and petrochemical sector is at a crucial point of change, driven by the opportunities presented through digital transformation. Against a backdrop of rising costs and talent shortages, failure to embrace digital tools will stifle growth, negatively impact competitiveness, and drastically reduce profitability. Connect with VEERUM at the Oil and Gas Automation and Technology Week Summit to discover simple, transformative solutions to complex challenges. 

Three ways to find out more

Join us in-person, or sign-up for our post-conference webinar

1. Meet up with us at Oil and Gas Automation and Technology Week, Feb 14-15 

Join us at the Hyatt Regency Intercontinental Airport Hotel, Houston. Grab 15 minutes with us for a coffee, or visit our booth. 

2. Hear from our CEO live at the conference on February 15th at 8:30am 

David Lod, VEERUM CEO will dive into an in-depth discussion of Digital Transformation and Brownfield Assets: The Impact of Unified Visual Data on O&M, Environment, Safety and Productivity Improvements.

3. Join our live post-conference webinar

We'll share a few of the highlight's of David's presentation (this will also be recorded if you are unable to join). 

Helping the industry accelerate digital adoption and transformation

"VEERUM has enabled our field and office facilities planning and execution teams to collaborate more effectively by removing countless hours of calls and driving to sites for confirmations. Now, team members can co-navigate a detailed 3D visualization of a site to quickly understand current equipment, status and remotely plan for expansion or modifications. Additionally, the platform has helped our development team by allowing teams to inspect and plan operations on both green and brownfield drilling pad sites. This has improved productivity while reducing our costs and unnecessary field exposure."

- Patrick Elliott , EVP Jupiter Resources


Download the whitepaper


Find out more about:

  • Common barriers to digital adoption 

  • Six current trends working to alleviate common barriers

  • Opportunities of agile asset management 

  • The new visual way of doing work or oil and gas

Download the whitepaper


Find out more about:

  • A day in the life of a maintenance planner 

  • Outcomes of implementing 3D technology

  • Brownfield shutdown/turnaround case study

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