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Reduce the risk of shutdown turnaround schedule delays and cost overruns

Be on site without going to site with VEERUM DigitalTWIN's shutdown and turnaround solution. Present work and data visually to your workforce to enhance safety, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

Visual planning leads to better outcomes

VEERUM's shutdown and turnaround solution reduces the risk of schedule delays and cost overruns.

Remotely access real-site conditions, turnaround overlay, and your schedule all in one place

Visualize and integrate CAD models, spreadsheets, enterprise asset management systems, and scheduling tools to see exactly which jobs are happening and when.

Identify risks and enhance safety

Ensure safer, smoother operations for your team by identifying SIMOPs and conducting pre-job hazard analysis in one centralized platform. Perform risk assessments for confined space entry, critical lifts, and hot work all in one place.


Realize cost savings and stay on budget

Improve planning and scheduling by remotely understanding your current site conditions, ensuring a constraint-free plan.

"Having access to all this traditionally siloed data has been extremely powerful for us. VEERUM is a foundational tool within our toolset."

Senior Business Analyst, ExxonMobil

How to work visually with VEERUM

Unlock use cases during each stage of the turnaround process

Pre-turnaround planning

Reduce contractor on-site time by remotely visualizing and planning logistics. Integrate, visualize, and search your schedule against reality.


Turnaround execution

Quickly find and view assets, work orders, and inspections. Easily identify SIMOPs and resolve real-time site issues from anywhere. 


Post-turnaround review

Keep a visual record of all work completed on site. Analyze turnaround performance and identify areas for improvement for future success.


Drive real world results with VEERUM's shutdown and turnaround solution


Improve planning and scheduling: Gain a clear step-by-step visualization of the work schedule in the context of all your asset data.


Enhance safety and mitigate risks:
Spend less time on site, easily resolve issues, and identify SIMOPs from the safety and comfort of the office.


Reduce downtime and costs: Easily engage the right stakeholders at the right time, ensure everyone is aligned on what needs to be done, and deliver safe, on-schedule shutdowns.

Can we help on your digital transformation?

Discover the new visual way of working for turnaround planning and execution

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