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Visualize your data in 48 hours: 3 easy steps to getting started with a digital twin

Embarking on the journey of adopting a digital twin might seem like a daunting task, especially when your data is siloed and unstructured. However, with VEERUM's streamlined process, the path to visualizing your assets is easier than you think. In just three simple steps, you can transform your data into a powerful digital twin, enhancing your operational efficiency, safety protocols, and overall decision-making. Let’s break down how to make it happen.

1. Visualize

The first step to get started is to gather the data that you have today. Our clients are often surprised by the amount of visual data they already have - from 2D and 3D captures to CAD models, photos, and even immersive 360-degree images. This will be the foundation for your digital twin. The best part? VEERUM clients can see their existing data visualized within 48 hours of kickoff.

2. Integrate

The next step is to start connecting data integrations and workflows to meet the specific needs of your end users. VEERUM provides an end-to-end white glove service throughout the entire journey to ensure your onboarding experience is efficient and focused on ROI. Our team’s deep understanding within the energy industry ensures that our solution addresses the unique pain points of each client.

Our subject matter experts provide valuable guidance throughout this journey. To tackle data fragmentation, asset managers should work with VEERUM to understand their existing data sources and map them back to their digital twin. VEERUM's data-agnostic approach allows us to seamlessly integrate and unify all asset data, ensuring a smooth digitization process.

One key piece of advice is to take a “tag-centric” approach to their own internal data models. Meaning that they should be using unique identifiers such as “tags” to help tie key pieces of data together, for more meaningful data experiences within the application.

3. Fill in any data gaps

VEERUM’s digital twin technology helps asset managers and owners understand where they have gaps in their data, so it becomes a visual indicator for data quality. You don’t have to wait for your data to be “perfect”, you can use VEERUM to understand where you have data quality issues and then fix those issues in an iterative fashion.VEERUM collaborates with industry-leading data capture experts, such as Inline Group, equipped with cutting-edge scanning technology to help seamlessly fill in any data gaps.

Embracing better digital asset management with VEERUM yields a host of benefits for asset owners and operators. Clients have witnessed impressive KPI improvements, including a 33% boost in efficiency related to maintenance planning and execution, a 50% reduction in site exposure hours, and a 50% decrease in inspection costs. Additionally, there's a notable decrease in travel requirements, coupled with heightened safety and operational efficiency. This new visual approach to work seamlessly paves the way for the adoption of AI/ML technologies.


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