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BHGE hosts showcase featuring digital transformation startups

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

The waves of digital transformation are growing across every industry, including oil and gas. One energy company seeking and supporting efficiencies through new technologies is Baker Hughes, a GE company – BHGE.

Each June BHGE hosts an invitational showcase held in downtown Calgary, Alberta. The showcase, a legacy GE Oil & Gas event, features a mix of products and booths for existing and potential customers.

For the past two years, Zone Startups Calgary participants have been invited to the showcase to share locally developed industrial technologies applicable to the energy industry. Zone Startups Calgary is a joint venture between GE Canada and Ryerson Futures.

VEERUM attended the showcase for the second time to share our industrial IoT applications in the energy industry. The booth featured interactive web and virtual reality visualizations of the Digital Twin in action.

“As a startup this showcase is not just a one way conversation about what we do and why, it’s valuable for us to seek people’s feedback and discuss digital challenges and tech opportunities in the industry,” says Amit Varma, VEERUM Co-Founder.

“We are proud of our existing work and ongoing relationship with GE, which has expanded to BHGE, who we now share space with in Calgary’s Gulf Canada Square building,” Varma continued.

VEERUM’s projects with GE include an installation of frac trees, manifold and connections to wells that saw improved safety and delivery in half the time with total accuracy. The two companies have also worked to make hydroelectric dams last longer.

Last week BHGE hosted their second Unify conference in Houston, Texas where Matthias Heilmann, president and CEO of digital solutions at BHGE said, “Technology is no longer the bottleneck, it’s the enabler.”

BHGE are clearly moving in an exciting direction that will continue to embrace digital transformation. The VEERUM team also looks forward to next year’s showcase!


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