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Building data-rich digital twins of your legacy facilities | Webinar highlights and FAQ

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

In a post-COVID world, asset owners need a digital solution that brings clarity to remote teams, reduces site exposure, and provides total data transparency. The VEERUM and ReVisionz joint solution is built to help you unlock the value of asset information for legacy facilities.

This week, VEERUM and ReVisionz presented at the Digital Twins in Oil and Gas event presented by Oil and Gas IQ. In this session, we covered how to:

  • Connect your enterprise asset management, real-time operating data, and documents in a digital twin

  • Break down data silos and make it easier for your team to access information

  • Add geospatial intelligence to your data

  • Improve operational safety and efficiency with remote site access

It was a pleasure to showcase our joint solution on bringing new insights to your existing data. We are proud to be a part of many organizations' digital transformation strategies as they navigate this post-COVID world.

Didn’t have a chance to watch the webinar live? You can access the full recording here:

We got some great questions from the audience we wanted to address in this blog. Here’s a recap of our answers to the most popular questions. Have any additional questions? Please email

Does VEERUM application integrate with organizations existing ERP solutions?

Yes, VEERUM integrates with your existing ERP solutions to elevate your asset data to the entire organization with a single enterprise subscription. This enables you elevate your existing data to the entire organization via a simple to use 3D visualization application with powerful analytic tools. VEERUM is unique differentiated by the quick time to value (48 hours to get started), unique industry solutions and automations (like progress & quality monitoring, remote maintenance planning and brownfield digitization), and is one of the only cloud native application that can deliver all of the digital twin functionality from a single web application, with zero install. With unlimited users included in an enterprise subscription, you can deliver all your asset data to the entire organization.

Can this link to the asset's SAP work order information?

Yes, VEERUM is deployed at scale on multiple large O&G facilities for remote maintenance planning. In addition to work order information, VEERUM will visualize all related SAP information within the information hierarchy. This gives remote maintenance teams visual context to see the location of work orders in the context of the entire site. Organizations can also configure their work orders to be colour-coded based on status to quickly visualize what needs to be done next, or identify any bottlenecks in the execution plan.

As a cloud-based platform with lots of input points, how do you ensure information integrity/data quality/information security?

We got some great questions from the audience we wanted to address in this blog. Here’s a recap of our answers to the most popular questions. Have any additional questions? Please e. remediate information quality issues and gaps during the data aggregation phase.

Information security is the most important pillar of VEERUM’s solution. Several technical security solutions and process related controls are in place to protect your data, such as 3rd party cyber security penetration tests and SOC 2.

What equipment do you use for the 3D LiDAR scans? What was the time and cost for the example shown?

As a SaaS provider and digital transformation consultant, VEERUM does not provide data capture services. VEERUM specializes in integrating all existing visual and rich asset information in the context of a 3D viewer. If you don’t have any visual data sets to integrate, VEERUM has partnerships with industry leading data capture companies who can guide you through your data capture strategy that meets your use case requirements.

VEERUM can ingest all types of reality scan data including LiDAR scans, drone scans, photogrammetry, 360 photos, and more! In the example above, VEERUM’s client used a mobile mapping scanner to capture the facility. This scanning method can be used by anyone and does not require survey subject matter expertise. The entire facility was captured in less than 1 hour, and uploaded to the VEERUM application in under 48 hours.

Can VEERUM be used for detailed engineering?

With VEERUM’s application, engineers can view and analyze the latest visual data sets captured on-site with a variety of analytic tools. Users can also clip and export this data into their specialized engineering applications to enable engineering within reality. Measurement tools provide users with a method to quickly understand the site orientation from a remote location.

Do you have the Webapp on VR?

Yes, VEERUM supports WebVR technology to view 3D data sets within the application. This allows users with compatible devices to experience existing site conditions in a powerful virtual reality user interface. Organizations can develop and deploy virtual site walkthroughs to conduct training and site visits in a controlled, safe environment.

What is the biggest implementation in terms of the number of facilities you have implemented for one particular business unit?

Some of VEERUM’s clients have uploaded their entire existing brownnfield asset portfolio to the digital twin application to for safe and easy virtual site access. These clients are using VEERUM’s application to remotely plan maintenance projects and complete virtual walkthroughs on hundreds of their remote sites. Live operating data integrations allow asset stakeholders to get a real-time understanding of the health of their remote assets.


Are you looking for the webinar slides? You can download them here:

How are you modernizing your legacy assets? Book a demo with VEERUM today to learn how you can digitize your legacy facilities with your existing data. Head to to speak to one of our account executives on how you can get started in 48 hours.


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