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CASE STUDY: Building data-rich digital twins of brownfield facilities for operations and maintenance

Updated: Nov 26, 2023


VEERUM's client is one of North America's leading energy infrastructure companies with operations in natural gas, oil and power industries. They have a large, linear portfolio of assets across the continent in different phases of the asset lifecycle. These assets are traditionally project driven and rely heavily on the personnel assigned to the asset, resulting in challenges in organizing data. Our client has struggled to keep as-built models or Smart P&IDs of their facilities evergreen to better understand on-site conditions. Asset stakeholders have traditionally had to search multiple systems, or have been required to travel to site in order to confirm site conditions and find the information they need.


In an effort to standardize and elevate its digital asset management, our client is using VEERUM to enable a new visual way of working. The client was able to geolocate and visualize all of its existing 2D and 3D data in the collaborative 3D viewer. Asset information such as real-time IoT data, work order information, and document management systems are automatically attached to the virtual site, elevating data access to all relevant stakeholders. This advancement in the client's digital journey is improving productivity and reducing the need to travel to site across its large industrial assets.


Data aggregation

Connect existing information systems like SAP and Opentext in the context of a 3D viewer.

Improved safety

Reduce inefficient, risky, and expensive site visits by delivering the virtual site to the entire asset team.

Visual way to work = reduced travel

Remote access to all data inputs in one platform with panoramic photo navigation allows users to be on site without going to site.

Schedule certainty

Plan and execute constraint-free maintenance plans with a new visual way of working.

Prepare for AI/ML adoption

Aggregate, verify, visualize, and label your existing asset data to prepare your organization for AI/ML adoption.

Enable emergency response

Clients have 24/7 leadership coverage to ensure agile response to deviations from the Production Plan, manage emergency conditions and regulatory compliance.

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