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Employee Spotlight: Anjum Pathan, Quality Assurance Specialist

Our employee spotlight is our latest blog series where we get up-close and personal with some amazing team members making a difference at VEERUM. We have always attributed the success and growth of our organization to the strength and diversity of our team. So, we’re excited to highlight a hardworking team member each month.

For this employee spotlight, I got to know more about VEERUM’s Quality Assurance Specialist, Anjum Pathan. We discussed the quality assurance process, some interesting projects she’s working on and how she’s finding new passions in her everyday life. Meet Anjum: detail-oriented leader, superstar mother, and VEERUM’s chief bug hunter.

1. Tell me about your role at VEERUM.

I work on the development team as a Quality Assurance Specialist. My team is made up of 8 developers who work together to plan, coordinate, and implement new feature releases. As a Quality Assurance Specialist, I ensure new features observe VEERUM’s high quality standards, there is no impact on other features in the application, and conduct rigorous regression testing.

2. What do you like about working at VEERUM?

I like that every interaction you have with the team is great. Anytime you reach out for help or have any issues, people are eager to help you. Especially during releases when we have to come together as a team, people are always ready to jump in and work together to get the job done. Our management and executive team are very accessible and try to address any problems immediately.

3. What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about learning new things. Recently, I’ve been exploring new activities and have been trying swimming lessons. I also love being outside. I go for long walks every day in my neighbourhood with my friend. We motivate each other to get out of the house.

4. What has been your favourite initiative you've worked on at VEERUM?

Leading the application program interface (API) testing has been a highlight for me. It’s something I haven't done before, so the opportunity to set the whole thing up myself and learn how to do it was so cool. I built more confidence in my skill set.

5. What's your goal for the coming year?

Next year, my personal goal is to focus on my health and take care of myself. I want to try and sustain more energy throughout the day. For my career, my goal is to get well-versed in automation testing and pursue a leadership role.

Want to know more about VEERUM? Check out the About page! Interested in joining our team? With offices in Calgary, Toronto, Houston, and remote working opportunities, we’re growing fast, so check out our Careers page for more information.


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