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Harnessing the power of Linear objects in operations and maintenance

In today’s world of digital twins, asset visualization often falls short when it comes to accurately representing complex logistics. This is particularly evident in cases where assets such as pipes and circuits, don’t fit neatly into cubes. That’s why VEERUM is delighted to introduce Linear objects, a groundbreaking feature set to transform the way complex assets are visualized and managed. In this guide, we'll explore what Linear objects are, their practical applications, and how they are revolutionizing maintenance planning and operations.

What are Linear objects?

Linear objects represent assets as paths, providing a dynamic and precise visualization for assets that don't conform neatly to cubic dimensions. Pipes, circuits, and pathways can now be visualized with unparalleled accuracy.

Unlocking new use cases:

Linear objects are not just a cosmetic upgrade; they unlock a myriad of practical applications across various industries.

Egress routes:

Ensure unobstructed exit paths for safety and orientation during remote training sessions.

Electrical circuits:

Visualize connections and the effects of maintenance on electrical systems, providing invaluable insights for effective planning.

Pipeline circuits:

Track connections and maintenance impacts on pipes carrying liquids for seamless operations.

Environmentally sensitive areas:

Identify zones where maintenance activities are restricted for environmental preservation, aligning with sustainability commitments.

Why are Linear objects game-changing?

Linear objects mark a shift in asset visualization, bringing a host of benefits to the forefront:

Realistic precision:

Linear objects offer precise visualizations, enabling accurate planning and maintenance without resorting to rough approximations.

Streamlined planning:

With realistic representations of assets, from egress routes to electrical circuits, planning logistics becomes a seamless endeavor.

Seamless integration in VEERUM:

Linear objects seamlessly integrate with VEERUM's robust platform, enhancing the user experience in multiple ways:

Compatibility with unplaced objects:

Linear objects harmoniously coexist with unplaced objects, providing users with unparalleled flexibility.

360º panoramic view:

Experience assets comprehensively and immersively, enhancing understanding and planning capabilities.

Segment isolation with X-ray visualization:

Tailor your view to focus on specific segments, providing deeper insights for more informed decision-making.

VEERUM's introduction of Linear objects stands out as a game-changing innovation in the realm of maintenance planning and operations. This powerful feature not only refines asset visualization but also revolutionizes planning and maintenance processes. By seamlessly integrating Linear objects into your workflow, you'll unlock a new level of precision and efficiency in maintenance operations. Embrace the future of asset visualization with VEERUM's Linear objects.


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