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How VEERUM reduces environmental impact while prioritizing safety

Updated: Feb 28

"VEERUM strives to be a sustainable business leader by not only achieving green growth ourselves but also by enabling our clients, suppliers, and stakeholders to do the same. We focus on developing innovative solutions that tackle the sustainability challenges facing our client's unique industries." — David Lod, VEERUM CEO

At VEERUM, we know that achieving business success goes hand in hand with reducing our client's environmental footprint and ensuring the safety of their operations. We understand that sustainability isn't just a trend—it's a responsibility. That's why our we're incredibly proud that our digital twin technology is a powerful tool for making positive contributions to the environment and the safety of the workforce.

Reducing travel

One of the most exciting ways VEERUM's digital twin software contributes to environmental sustainability is by minimizing the need for physical travel. Traditionally, maintaining and inspecting assets required personnel to be on-site, leading to carbon emissions from travel and often exposing workers to remote and challenging conditions. With VEERUM's digital twin, you can remotely access your assets, visualize conditions, and analyze data without the need for frequent and extensive site visits. This not only reduces travel-related carbon emissions but also enhances the safety of your team. We've found that our clients have experienced a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from reducing the need to travel to site.

Streamlining operations, minimizing impact

Imagine having the ability to digitally manage your industrial assets with precision, making informed decisions that not only optimize performance but also reduce your carbon footprint. That's exactly what VEERUM DigitalTWIN offers. By providing a comprehensive, real-time view of your assets and operations, you gain insights that allow you to identify areas for efficiency improvement, reducing energy consumption and waste. Whether it's optimizing the use of resources or minimizing unnecessary transportation, the digital twin helps you do more with less.

Safety simplified

VEERUM's digital twin solution is a game-changer when it comes to reducing site exposure and prioritizing safety. Through reducing exposure to sites by over 50%, VEERUM helps teams avoid unnecessary exposure to remote and potentially dangerous sites. With accurate and up-to-date asset information at your fingertips, you can proactively identify potential hazards, plan maintenance, and strategize interventions—all from the comfort and safety of the home or office. By minimizing the need for personnel to be physically present in hazardous environments, you're not only improving workplace safety but also making a meaningful contribution to your organization's safety culture.

A sustainable, safer future

In the pursuit of operational excellence, VEERUM's digital twin technology doesn't just help you achieve your business goals—it helps you build a more sustainable, environmentally responsible, and safer future. From reducing unnecessary travel and resource consumption to enhancing safety protocols, VEERUM's digital twin is a versatile tool that aligns your business practices with your commitment to the planet and your workforce.


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