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Linear objects: VEERUM’s latest product release focuses on unlocking new use cases

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Since the release of objects and properties in August 2019, our team has worked tirelessly with clients to improve on and continue to deliver an intuitive digital platform that provides immediate value throughout the entire lifecycle.

To further empower client asset teams, VEERUM’s latest release of Linear objects now allows users to create objects as either cuboids (existing), or paths (Linear objects).

Challenges with creating objects as cuboids

Traditionally it has been difficult for users to tag and visualize linear assets and complex objects with the existing object tool.

Solving the challenge and unlocking use cases with Linear objects

Now, with the release of Linear objects users can create objects as a path, unlocking multiple use cases, including complex object classes and areas:

  • Egress routes: an unobstructed path exiting an area, used for remote training and site orientation

  • Electrical circuits: showing how electrical circuits are connected and effected by maintenance being done on equipment

  • Pipeline circuits: showing how pipes containing liquid are connected and effected by maintenance being done on equipment

  • Environmentally sensitive areas: identify an area that cannot be driven on or impacted by maintenance being done at site

Linear objects is already adding value across the asset lifecycle for existing clients of VEERUM' digital twin software. If you’re interested in how it can apply to your site, reach out to your Solutions team lead, or contact us here.


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