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Introducing V-Stream: VEERUM’s latest release offers real-time location and sensor data streaming

Updated: Mar 25, 2022


The VEERUM Platform now has the ability to visualize multiple live streaming data right in your web browser with V-Stream! Real-time data feeds provide physical location tracking and data value updates in the context of your 3D site, allowing stakeholders to identify emerging site patterns, conduct up-to-date monitoring, and make decisions based on timely and accurate information.

Below we will highlight the new features of this release:

V-Stream harnesses streaming data from your existing devices to visualize a broad range of information from IoT and connected sensors. The sensors generate information such as location, people and equipment tracking, temperature, pressure, flow, air quality, safety issues, alarms and a myriad of other valuable information.

V-Stream allows you to access live data in the 3D viewer of the VEERUM Platform. For example, the 3D viewer can display the real-time movement of a construction vehicle, equipment, materials or onsite personnel. Check out the demo below:

V-Stream displays sensor information such as the changing altitude, speed and temperature of a drone.

V-Stream is also accessible in 2D mode, enabling users to seamlessly transition between 2D and 3D data.

The dynamic integration of IoT devices and connected sensors with V-Stream provides real-time information and visualizations for data-driven decision making. The VEERUM platform is now a robust tool for continual assessment of on-site personnel, devices, and equipment. Drive actionable insights, predictive maintenance and future-proof your assets with V-Stream.

Get a free demo of V-Stream today. Head to to learn how you can generate new business value from your existing data today.


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