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Taking asset visualization into the 3rd dimension with 3D Tiles in VEERUM

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Last week, we announced the support of 3D Tiles in VEERUM, enabling a new visual way of working. But what are 3D Tiles, and what types of use cases do they open up? In this post, we dive into the concept of 3D Tiles and share how VEERUM leverages this technology to provide an unparalleled visual experience of your assets.

What are 3D tiles?

With 3D Tiles, unlocking the potential of massive 3D geospatial content has never been easier. OGC open standard 3D Tiles have gained significant popularity in recent years as they provide a scalable, standardized format for streaming large 3D geospatial and design datasets. This revolutionary solution is designed to handle even the most complex datasets with ease, streamlining the process of streaming and rendering diverse types of data. Whether it's photogrammetry, 3D buildings, BIM/CAD models, instanced features, or point clouds, 3D Tiles visualizes the data in a scalable, streamlined way. Its hierarchical data structure and array of tile formats ensure efficient delivery of renderable content.

Visualize large datasets with 3D context

One of the key advantages of 3D Tiles is its ability to provide hyper-realistic visualizations. By integrating clients’ 3D Tiles and meshes into its cloud-hosted viewing environment, VEERUM DigitalTWIN enables users to visualize their massive geospatial datasets in high levels of detail from anywhere in the world. The ability to navigate and explore sprawling open pit mines, or complex industrial facilities remotely, and in a 3D environment, offers an immersive experience that can’t be matched by traditional 2D plans or simple point cloud viewers. What’s more, clients can go beyond 3D Tiles by overlaying additional data layers, such as satellite imagery, LiDAR scans, and IoT sensor data. This provides a holistic understanding of an asset's current conditions, empowering organizations to make informed decisions based on a wealth of data within a single unified view.

Enhanced collaboration and decision-making

VEERUM's adoption of the OGC open standard for 3D Tiles enables teams to collaborate and make critical decisions based on hyper-realistic models. By visualizing assets in the format in which they were captured or created, stakeholders can work with the data in a way that best suits their expertise. Furthermore, VEERUM users have access to all existing features previously available on point cloud and CAD 3D models, including measurements, analytic tools, collaboration tools, and more. The power of 3D Tiles lies in its ability to bridge the gap between engineering and visualization use cases, unlocking new possibilities for collaboration and decision-making.

Get started with photorealistic 3D Tiles

The adoption of 3D Tiles in VEERUM represents a transformative leap forward in asset visualization via cloud-hosted tools. By leveraging this powerful technology, VEERUM enables users to unlock the full potential of their data, explore projects in a detailed 3D environment, and make informed decisions with confidence. The future of asset management is here, and it's built upon the immersive world of 3D Tiles.

To learn more about 3D Tiles in VEERUM and see them in action, join one of our biweekly live demos:


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