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The powerful capabilities of LiDAR

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

This week marks the release of Apple’s new iPhone 12 collection, touting some of the biggest updates in years. The four new handsets feature all the updates you might expect: a fresh new design, a ceramic shield display, and 5G connectivity. But the biggest update is Apple’s introduction of a LiDAR imaging system in its pro models.

LiDAR is a data set that is already foundational in VEERUM’s platform. In this blog, we will explore the opportunities and challenges of LiDAR technology, how VEERUM uses LiDAR and provide a glimpse into the future of LiDAR and digital reality.

What is LiDAR?

LiDAR stands for Light Detection Audio and Ranging. LiDAR uses light in the form of a pulsed laser that records the time it takes - at nano-second speed - for that signal to return to source, generating a 3D model with a much higher level of accuracy than a traditional camera. LiDAR equips iPhone users with the ability to build virtual objects into the real world, and vice versa, with extremely high quality and life-like precision.

The future of LiDAR

In the VEERUM platform, photogrammetry and LiDAR come together to produce industry leading visuals and complex data analytics. This data format follows along with the trends of future digital reality experiences. According to predictions by Bloomberg, Apple will continue to make significant investments in LiDAR technology. The LiDAR industry alone is expected to grow from $1.1 Billion in 2020 to 2.8 Billion in 2025. As the convergence between LiDAR technologies and visualization systems like VEERUM continues to align, it will result in better and faster digital reality experiences, sparking a new wave of innovation in LiDAR technology.

The new iPhone 12 represents a shift towards mainstream access of LiDAR technology. This will propel new use cases, software development, algorithms and apps. It will create further opportunities to integrate LiDAR technology in our everyday lives, connecting the real and digital world in ways the world has not yet even imagined.

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