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Unlock the potential of VEERUM 3DVAULT: A quick start guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide on getting started with VEERUM 3DVAULT! VEERUM 3DVAULT is a powerful web-based application designed to help you manage, visualize, and share your geospatial and design data effortlessly. Accessible from anywhere via an internet browser, VEERUM 3DVAULT supports both single sign-on and basic authentication, providing your team with a secure, scalable, and efficient solution for handling complex datasets.

Key benefits of VEERUM 3DVAULT

Before diving into the guide, let's explore the primary benefits of using VEERUM 3DVAULT:

  1. Secure, scalable storage: Store even the largest datasets securely. With VEERUM 3DVAULT, you don't have to worry about data breaches or losing valuable information.

  2. Effective data governance: Handle large and complex geospatial datasets with ease. administrators can enable metadata schemas for specific data collections, defining required fields for the data upload process to support data governance standards and ensure consistency.

  3. Preview mode: Easily view your 3D data in a preview mode. Quickly check your files without the need to open them fully, saving you time and resources.

  4. Enhanced collaboration: Boost productivity and collaboration among employees working with complex 3D data. Share data seamlessly with your team, fostering better communication and teamwork.

  5. Cost reduction: Reduce computing and storage costs. By leveraging cloud storage, you eliminate the need for expensive local storage solutions.

Streamlined data management

Simple data upload

Uploading your data to VEERUM 3DVAULT is simple. With multiple access points for data upload, you can choose the most convenient way to get your data into the system. Whether from the home page, main menu, or data tab, uploading your files is quick and easy.

Detailed metadata organization

When uploading data, you can easily add descriptive details and metadata to keep your data organized. This ensures that your team can quickly find and use the data they need.

Interactive data preview

VEERUM 3DVAULT provides an interactive space where you can access and view your data. Whether you’re looking at individual files or entire collections, our platform makes it easy to navigate and utilize your data effectively.

Accessing and utilizing your data

Intuitive navigation

With VEERUM 3DVAULT, accessing your data is straightforward. Use the Collections or Data tabs to search, filter, and sort through your datasets. Once you find what you need, open it in our interactive space for a detailed and immersive view.

Efficient data download

Need to download data? VEERUM 3DVAULT allows for easy and immediate file downloads directly from the interactive space, ensuring you can access your data offline whenever necessary.

Experience the VEERUM 3DVAULT difference

At VEERUM, we’re dedicated to empowering your organization with tools that simplify and enhance data management. Our commitment to client success drives us to continually innovate and provide solutions that address your unique challenges.

Ready to improve how you handle your geospatial and design data? Explore how VEERUM 3DVAULT can transform your data management experience and take your operations to the next level. Contact our team today to learn more.


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