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VEERUM awarded BC Hydro Site C contract

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

August 2019 - VEERUM has been awarded the Digital Twin platform contract for BC Hydro’s Site C project in Fort St, John British Columbia. The platform will automate construction progress and quality by matching project plans with reality.

BC Hydro will now have digitally verified progress within hours of drone and laser data capture and will provide the organization relevant and verified data for decision making. Not only will construction delays be quickly identified, the Digital Twin will identify precisely where the delay is and where attention needs to be focused. The web-based collaboration platform allows all stakeholders to fully understand site conditions and continually verify that what has been built is as per design. Safety is improved through better visibility from a safe location and with the early identification of hazardous areas.

"VEERUM is excited to work with the progressive BC Hydro team in their digital transformation journey," said David Lod, VEERUM CEO.

site c dam
Pictured: Site C Dam, Fort St. John, BC.

BC Hydro’s Site C Clean Energy Project is a hydroelectric dam and generating station under construction in northeast B.C. The project is being built to meet long-term electricity needs in the province. Once complete in 2024, the project will provide clean, reliable and cost-effective electricity for more than 100 years.

VEERUM delivers certainty to industrial construction projects with its digital verification of quality and progress. Currently, construction rework costs the industry $1.6 trillion every year. VEERUM reduces construction rework by matching project plans to reality. The VEERUM Digital Twin displays a 3D virtual representation of the site used for data-driven collaboration and decision making. This allows projects to be delivered on schedule, on budget, with improved field safety.

Founded in 2014, VEERUM is an industry leading company based in Calgary, Alberta

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