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Digitizing your assets without a CAD model: VEERUM DigitalTWIN for brownfield assets

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

In 2023, managing complex brownfield facilities is still a pervasive challenge for asset owners. These brownfield assets do not have current CAD models and often lack accurate and up-to-date documentation. With information gaps, asset teams are forced to frequently travel to site to confirm site conditions and plan maintenance projects. In today’s world of operations and maintenance, technology that is adaptable, accessible, and efficient is key. Enter VEERUM DigitalTWIN for brownfield assets, the easiest solution for asset owners to improve productivity, reduce downtime, and accelerate their digital transformation journey. Unlike traditional methods, VEERUM DigitalTWIN for brownfield assets doesn't require a CAD model, making the process straightforward and accessible for all assets.

How does it work?

1. Digitize

With recent advancements in data capture hardware like mobile mapping scanners, LiDAR capture, and camera-mounted drones, you can capture and visualize your site in a detailed 3D digital twin.

2. Connect asset information

Match tag lists from your enterprise systems and contextualize it in the context of the reality-based digital twin. This can include documents, inspection records, work orders, permits, real-time operating data, and more.

3. Build and unlock use cases

VEERUM DigitalTWIN for brownfield assets enables your organization to build a maintenance plan around reality. The built visualization can be used to provide training, enable remote collaboration, and make data informed decisions on the latest asset information. All from anywhere in the world.

What’s the impact?

Improved workforce productivity

With VEERUM, workforce productivity improves by up to 33%. These efficiency gains lead to substantial time and cost savings, directly impacting your bottom line.

Prioritized safety

VEERUM reduces site exposure by an impressive 50%. Its digital approach enhances safety protocols and fosters a culture of safety excellence.

Return on investment

Experience an outstanding 15X return on investment. VEERUM’s impact on operational efficiency and safety measures promises tangible and substantial returns, setting a new standard for performance. VEERUM is already trusted on some of the largest industrial assets in the world and is transforming workflows towards reality-first digital twins.

“With VEERUM, we build our maintenance plan around reality. The built visualization is then used to provide training for the rest of the organization. Our ROI has already skyrocketed."
- Senior Business Analyst, ExxonMobil

VEERUM digital twin software for brownfield assets revolutionizes how operations and maintenance are executed. By digitizing your assets without the need for a CAD model, you open doors to unparalleled safety, cost savings, and operational efficiency. Experience the future of asset management with VEERUM.

Learn more about the solution here.


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