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VEERUM launches advanced shutdown and turnaround solution to optimize planning for process facilities

VEERUM launches advanced shutdown and turnaround solution to optimize planning

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, June 4, 2024 -- VEERUM, a frontrunner in visual asset management, announces the release of its latest offering, a state-of-the-art shutdown and turnaround solution. Engineered to enhance the planning, scheduling, and execution of critical maintenance activities, this solution integrates digital twin technology and visualizes a facility’s infrastructure in a virtual environment.

Planners can now visually identify design conflicts, mitigate risks associated with schedule delays, and reduce budget overruns with access to critical information from a single platform. Industries with complex operations, like industrial process facilities, can now rely on this new solution to efficiently and safely manage shutdowns. Poorly planned turnarounds can lead to accidents and production disruptions and inflict significant financial setbacks. As major players in capital-intensive sectors face mounting pressure to optimize these events, VEERUM’s solution emerges as a critical tool to mitigate risks and ensure their effective execution.

Key features of VEERUM’s shutdown and turnaround solution:

  • 3D visualization: Offers detailed visualization of site conditions, including infrastructure elements such as steel, piping, stairs, and electrical systems, all accessible to all stakeholders in a single platform.

  • 4D schedule visualization: Provides step-by-step visualization of the work schedule, monitor progress, and identify and resolve potential conflicts in simultaneous operations.

  • Work identification and tagging: Integrates work notifications from systems like Maximo and SAP, allowing for accurate tagging and visualization of work locations.

  • Logistics planning: Enables virtual placement of scaffolding, cranes, and equipment in the 3D environment to optimize placement and ensure accessibility.

VEERUM’s new solution improves planning efficiency and execution safety by providing a comprehensive view of process facility operations. The platform is designed to facilitate effective collaboration and informed decision-making, with the goal of minimizing downtime and expenses. "We understand the challenges and complexities involved in managing shutdowns and turnarounds,” says Ryan Walker, Technical Director at VEERUM. “Our new solution directly addresses these pain points by providing a visual, data-driven approach to shutdown planning. This solution will help our clients plan more effectively, reduce risks, and execute projects on time and within budget.”

For more information about VEERUM’s shutdown and turnaround solution, please visit VEERUM's website.


VEERUM, a global software provider, delivers visual asset management software for the world’s leading companies. VEERUM DigitalTWIN, the world’s premier digital twin offering, provides a new visual way of doing work proven to improve productivity and collaboration on live asset conditions. VEERUM 3DVAULT, an industrial geospatial data management system, transforms how industrial sectors store and manage their geospatial and design data. For more information on VEERUM, please visit their website.

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