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VEERUM launches VEERUM 3DVAULT for geospatial data management and governance

VEERUM press release

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, May 16, 2024 / -- VEERUM, a leader in visual asset management, announces the launch of its newest SaaS offering, VEERUM 3DVAULT. This strategic product release supports organizations grappling with the world’s largest, most complex data sets. VEERUM 3DVAULT consolidates the management, transformation, storage, and distribution of all 3D and geospatial data in a single platform. By unifying data in one location, VEERUM 3DVAULT mitigates the risk of data loss, and significantly reduces recapture costs.

VEERUM 3DVAULT provides instant access to data sets for remote and globally distributed teams, enabling users to quickly upload, preview, distribute, and transform any data. Additionally, administrators can enable metadata schemas for specific data collections, defining required fields for the data upload process to support data governance standards and ensure consistency. This integrated approach ensures data quality and establishes a reliable foundation for decision-making based on the latest, most accurate data.

Rob Southon, VEERUM's Chief Technology Officer, emphasizes the critical need addressed by VEERUM 3DVAULT, stating, “Your 3D data is a valuable asset to your organization. VEERUM 3DVAULT provides a single, scalable storage solution for your data, enforcing data governance and avoiding data recapture costs. This approach maximizes the value of your 3D data, preserves data integrity, and ensures that you retain ownership of your data. VEERUM 3DVAULT allows users to store once but consume many times, enabling access to data typically siloed across multiple applications.”

Get detailed information about VEERUM 3DVAULT by checking out the official website.


VEERUM, a global software provider, delivers visual asset management software for the world’s leading companies. VEERUM DigitalTWIN, the world’s premier digital twin offering, provides a new visual way of doing work proven to improve productivity and collaboration on live asset conditions. VEERUM 3DVAULT, an industrial geospatial data management system, transforms how industrial sectors store and manage their geospatial and design data. For more information on VEERUM, please visit their website.


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