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VEERUM Reality Site: Digitize your legacy facilities right in reality, without a CAD model

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

VEERUM Reality Site delivers a breakthrough in operational effectiveness. VEERUM provides asset owners with the tools required to build data-rich digital twins of legacy brownfield assets without the need for an up-to-date CAD model. This solution delivers 10x improvements on current practices with in-quarter time to value. VEERUM has developed a solution that allows asset owners to connect tags from an enterprise asset management system to a specific geolocation within a reality scan, providing visual context to your asset information. Aggregate all your site documents in a single source of truth and transform your workflow from outdated pen and paper drawings to game-changing data-centric operations.


  • Enable remote engineering, maintenance planning and scope communication - reducing field exposure hours

  • Increase up-time and reliability by preventing unplanned maintenance work

  • Improve productivity by reducing the amount of time spent looking for information to prepare work packages

  • Reduce cost of information management

  • Accelerate digital transformation objectives and unlock the value of your existing data

The brownfield problem

Revitalizing brownfield sites is inherently complex due to aging facilities, limitations in existing condition designs, engineering data, and incompatibility of equipment. Data is often siloed, paper-based and are generally outdated and non-trustworthy. What’s more, legacy brownfield facilities rarely have any 3D CAD models. Even if 3D models exist, it is difficult and costly to maintain these models over time, resulting in out of date information that engineers and maintenance planners cannot trust. This makes planning for maintenance and brownfield projects challenging and risky. Engineers and maintenance planners resort to frequent site walk downs to confirm as-built conditions, resulting in time lost and operational delay.

One of the biggest opportunities for improvement is reducing the need for frequent site visits required to confirm current site conditions.

Solution overview

VEERUM Reality Site is a proactive step in modernizing your legacy assets without a CAD model.

  1. Digitize your site: By deploying hardware such as laser scanners or camera mounted drones, a site can be digitized to any desired precision. This data capture is combined with any existing 2D, 3D design, satellite imagery and plot plans to create a rich 3D digital twin of the asset.

  2. Ingest your tag list: Pull a master tag registry from your enterprise asset management system

  3. Match tags to geolocation: In less than 3 clicks, drag and drop the tag to related equipment within the reality model

  4. Use case enablement: Provide your team with the visual context they need to streamline decision making and reduce the need for site walk downs.

  5. Data enrichment: Continue to build out the digital twin model by defining tag to document relationships and incorporating management of change work

We’ve made it even easier for you and your team to collaborate with VEERUM Reality Site. Owners can crowdsource the placement of tags by leveraging their team of subject matter experts to place tags in the site and maintain a precise level of reality accuracy. Improve your training processes, quickly action items, and support business continuity by codifying expert’s knowledge in a digital record.

With VEERUM, you can successfully build a data-rich digital twin of your legacy asset, providing an accurate single source of truth for future brownfield assets. VEERUM’s clients are already leveraging VEERUM Reality Site for several use cases in their organizations.

Whether your company is looking for an easy way to digitize your legacy facilities or improve remote collaboration, VEERUM can support your team with a solution tailored specifically to your needs.

Are you ready to leverage VEERUM’s industry- leading solution for brownfield asset management? Head to to speak to one of our account executives about VEERUM Reality Site today.


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