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VEERUM's newest release delivers photo-realistic rendering in the cloud

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

VEERUM is excited to launch the latest version of its market-leading Asset Visualization and Information Platform, Platform 3.1. This new release focuses on enhanced point cloud visual performance and innovative 3D rendering capabilities while increasing data integrity and accuracy.

“We wanted to provide the most realistic and immersive 3D experience possible,” says VEERUM’s CTO Rob Southon. “The display is so crisp that you can now read hand-written markings on piping, see cracks in cement structures, view weld completeness and corrosion on steel. It's incredible photo-realistic detail, delivered all in the cloud.”

Below, we will highlight the new visual options that all VEERUM users can leverage to remotely analyze their assets.

If you’re interested in learning more about Asset Visualization and the potential benefits it can bring to your organization, feel free to reach out at to book a no-commitment demo of our platform.

High Definition and Maximum Point Budget

The quality of 3D visualizations has been enhanced, improving the visualization of site conditions in the 3D viewer.

Toggle on “High Definition” to improve the visual rendering of reality scans to make models more realistic. Toggle on “Maximum Point Budget” to fill in empty spaces in the reality scan point clouds. You can combine these two features to get the best quality image of your site data. With this new feature, you can now attach more detailed images to reports or emails, providing improved visual context for decision-making.

3D visualization hd mode


With the new Colours feature, users can toggle gamma, brightness, and contrast of the visible models in the 3D viewer. This gives an unlimited number of options to customize the loaded models, providing users with additional insights.

New colour mode in veerum 3D visualization platform


Textures provide additional visual overlays to the visual 3D models. You can texture models with realistic overlays such as: shiny metal, clay, resin or jade.

Different textures in 3D mode VEERUM
Different texture modes 3D visualization VEERUM

2D and 3D modes

With orthographic view, users can now navigate their 3D models in the same view as their 2D data like plot plans and site overviews. Users can easily identify the roads, legal boundaries and bushline surrounding the site in comparison with their 3D models.

2D mode VEERUM

This new tool enables users to seamlessly transition between 2D and 3D data providing a common link between different data sources.

Object enhancements

Platform 3.1 also improves the look and feel of Objects. Now, users can create translucent bounding boxes, allowing a clear visualization of the content within the boxes.

Object enhancements in VEERUM platform

With the advanced visual offerings of Platform 3.1, VEERUM continues to break new ground as an industry leader in the next generation of cloud-accessible collaboration tools. Using a proprietary, cloud-based technology stack, the visual enhancements of Platform 3.1 will improve decision-making, accelerate workflows and deliver actionable insights across the asset lifecycle. With the ability to deliver exceptionally rich data without compromising on loading speed and size, the 3.1 update secures VEERUM as a leader in point cloud viewers. This offering enables organizations to future-proof their digital initiatives and stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

See how the visual enhancements of Platform 3.1 will bring your data even closer in touch with reality. To learn more about V3.1 or schedule a demo, contact


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