It's time to reimagine  asset management.

VEERUM has one of the most innovative 3D visualization systems on the market, thanks to industry leading point cloud technology. 

VEERUM takes asset visualization to the next level

VEERUM takes asset visualization to the next level

System of record: VEERUM provides a system of record for all project stakeholders during the entire asset lifecycle

Simple handover: Handover to operations is simplified with a verified system of record after construction or modification 

Object properties: Access information about millions of your objects in the 3D viewer by importing object properties

3D web viewer

Navigate a precise digital replica of your asset

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3D web viewer: Access and interact with your assets from anywhere on a web-browser


Annotations: Start a collaborative dialog to accelerate the evaluation and resolution of issues

Plan vs reality: Toggle design, reality, and analytic layers in the same 3D model. 


Access to all asset information

A system of record during the entire asset lifecycle



VEERification of progress + quality

Timely, accurate and complete verification of asset data



Progress VEERification: Match what has been installed to the schedule to determine true progress

Quality VEERification: Know your components are built as per design so they fit the first time

Downloadable reports: Access the latest progress and quality reports from anywhere in the world


Create asset information

Add your own asset data and link documents to models in the 3D viewer



3D visual content management: Link asset information, data, and links to location-based bounding boxes

Remote virtual site walkthroughs: Create virtual site walkthroughs and orientations for remote site visits

Remote model reviews: Add visual context and points for discussion on 3D objects in the Platform

Technology comparison

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You're only a few clicks away from having every asset at your fingertips

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VEERUM has enabled our field and office facilities planning and execution teams to collaborate more effectively by removing countless hours of calls and driving to sites for confirmations. Now, team members can co-navigate a detailed 3D visualization of a site to quickly understand current equipment, status and remotely plan for expansion or modifications. Additionally, the platform has helped our development team by allowing teams to inspect and plan operations on both green and brownfield drilling pad sites. This has improved productivity while reducing our costs and unnecessary field exposure.

- Patrick Elliott , EVP Jupiter Resources