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Pipeline monitoring

Bid / tender

Model reviews


Progress monitoring

Quality assurance

Shutdown + turnaround

RFI resolution


Pipeline monitoring solution

Digitize, visualize, and monitor work faces


Capture and ingest all existing pipeline data including GIS data, alignment drawings, photogrammetry, etc.

View plan and reality in the same 3D viewing environment to confirm build quality and progress.

Build a permanent digital replica of the pipeline for future use in operations and maintenance.

Shutdown and turnaround solution

Virtually fit-up geographically distributed parts


Virtual identification of tie in points from existing data including GIS data, alignment drawings, photogrammetry, etc.

Digitize and ingest off-site fabricated parts. Correct fabrication errors or modify site to remove clashes

Ongoing digitization of site during entire project lifecycle to confirm build quality, progress, and as build.


VEERUM enterprise subscriptions includes

Cloud secured

Monitor the real-time status of your asset from anywhere in the world with a web browser

Remote collaboration

Easily visualize and analyze current asset status from the safety and convenience of your home.

Unlimited users

Give data access to all relevant stakeholders (including contractors and bidders) with no budgetary restrictions.

Data agnostic

All available asset data is available within 48 hours of capture. Easily access object properties.

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