VEERUM is a SaaS provider that matches digital technologies with asset ownership, helping our clients build and maintain a better world.


Founded in 2014, today we are a global software provider headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.


Watch how we bring visibility, transparency, and certainty to asset ownership.

Unlock the potential of asset ownership with VEERUM's powerful visualization solution.


By 2030 the world needs to spend $94 trillion on infrastructure to meet global demand.


Currently 90% of capital projects go over budget resulting in $1.6 trillion waste each year. The fundamental cause of this waste is the inability to identify and resolve issues before they impact the project.


VEERUM's application gives all asset stakeholders access to the latest digital tools they need to optimize asset outcomes. 


VEERUM is the simplest, easiest to implement solution on the market so you can stay ahead of the competition.


Our clients are accelerating the transition to digital asset ownership, effectively building and maintaining the world's critical infrastructure.


VEERUM has enabled our field and office facilities planning and execution teams to collaborate more effectively by removing countless hours of calls and driving to sites for confirmations. Now, team members can co-navigate a detailed 3D visualization of a site to quickly understand current equipment, status and remotely plan for expansion or modifications. Additionally, the platform has helped our development team by allowing teams to inspect and plan operations on both green and brownfield drilling pad sites. This has improved productivity while reducing our costs and unnecessary field exposure.

- Patrick Elliott , EVP Jupiter Resources