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The latest industry trends, solutions, and client success stories.

Webinars on demand

Build data-rich digital twins of your legacy facilities | Digital Twins in Oil and Gas webinar recording

VEERUM and ReVisionz have teamed up to deliver a digital twin solution for legacy brownfield assets with no digital model. 

Business continuity via data-rich digital twins | VEERUM + Eye-bot webinar

Learn how to enable remote collaboration and business continuity via data-rich digital twins with VEERUM and our data capture partner Eye-bot. 

The new visual way of doing work for operations and maintenance | VEERUM webinar recording

Rob Southon and Trevor MacMaster walk through how VEERUM adds value to industrial assets with VEERUM DigitalTWIN, enabling a new visual way of working.

Reality first: How to work visually with digital twins | VEERUM webinar recording

Hosted by Energy Drone & Robotics Coalition and Industrial Immersive, this webinar shares how existing reality capture solutions can support a visual way of doing work. 


What is a digital twin? | VEERUM explainer

VEERUM's Director of Product Marketing, Jordan Mathieson explores digital twin definitions, trends, and examples to help you understand what type of solution is right for you.

 A new visual way of working | VEERUM introduction

Achieve more sustainable, safer, and efficient operations with digital twin technology.

VEERUM DigitalTWIN for Brownfield Assets

Learn how VEERUM visually enables all asset stakeholders to visualize, analyze, and collaborate on complex 3D geospatial data.

VEERUM partners | Join the reality-first revolution

Hear from VEERUM's trusted partners on their success with VEERUM DigitalTWIN technology. 

Maintenance planning with VEERUM

Learn how VEERUM’s solution enables maintenance teams to visit their assets and plan maintenance projects from anywhere in the world.

VEERUM introduces support of 3D Tiles

VEERUM is pleased to announce support of industry textured mesh standard file formats including Context Capture, Agisoft Metashape, and RealityCapture 3D Tiles, and all CAD/BIM formats.


VEERUM Information Pack 2024.png


  • Technology information

  • Realized benefits

  • Industry use cases

  • Industry solutions

  • Case studies

Brownfield Digital Twin Whitepaper


  • Four current trends working to alleviate brownfield challenges

  • The benefits of adopting a reality first model

  • Outcomes of implementing 3D technology

  • Brownfield shutdowns and turnarounds case study

Digital adoption and acceleration whitepaper


  • Common barriers to digital adoption 

  • Six current trends removing barriers

  • Opportunities of agile asset management 

  • The new visual way of doing work

Digital twin for energy and mining whitepaper


  • How to address suboptimal maintenance management 

  • How technology is revolutionizing maintenance planning

  • Benefits of agile asset management 


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Unlimited data. Unlimited users. Unlimited visualizations.

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