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Introducing VEERUM 3DVAULT: One location for all your team’s data

Today, most reality capture data is stored on physical hard drives, laptops, and even thumb drives. These storage options have limited file capacity, and even worse, that data is expensive to capture and often gets lost, leading to recapture costs and potential schedule delays. Enter VEERUM 3DVAULT—a product designed to simplify how organizations store, organize, and manage their geospatial data. In this blog, we’ll explore what makes VEERUM 3DVAULT the obvious choice for clients seeking to elevate their data management capabilities.



3DVAULT is a web-based application for storing and managing geospatial and 3D data. Designed for any type of data including 3D reality capture, 2D, 3D & 360 imagery & photos, CAD & BIM models, site data (plots plans, P&IDs), and more, it serves as one centralized location for all your geospatial and design data needs. From uploading and accessing data to managing and sharing it with your team, VEERUM 3DVAULT streamlines every aspect of the data management process.

A simple 3-step process: Upload, visualize, and manage

VEERUM 3DVAULT simplifies geospatial data management in three easy steps: Upload, visualize, and manage. First, uploading data to VEERUM 3DVAULT consolidates your geospatial information into a single accessible location. This process ensures that each file includes the correct metadata, enhancing data organization and reliability.

Upload data with VEERUM 3DVAULT

Next, the Visualize feature offers intuitive options to interact with your data. Whether it’s a 3D model, plotter, or tabular format, VEERUM 3DVAULT provides quick links to visualize your data within an interactive workspace. With easy-to-use tools and cloud storage capabilities, managing your geospatial data becomes easier than ever.

Visualize data with VEERUM 3DVAULT

Finally, VEERUM 3DVAULT facilitates effortless sharing of data among team members. By implementing data standards and access permissions, your internal administrator ensures that your data repository remains secure and easily accessible, empowering collaboration and productivity within your organization.

Manage data with VEERUM 3DVAULT

Why should you use 3DVAULT?

Why should you use VEERUM 3DVAULT?

3DVAULT provides clients with a single source of truth for their 3D data and geospatial information. No longer do organizations need to juggle multiple storage solutions—with 3DVAULT, everything you need is housed in one convenient location. By eliminating the hassle of managing disparate data sources, 3DVAULT empowers you to focus on leveraging your data to drive business success.

Are you ready to streamline your data management? Download our white paper now to discover how VEERUM 3DVAULT can revolutionize your workflows.

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