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The complete cloud-based system for storing, previewing, and managing massive geospatial and 3D data. Upload, manage, and collaborate globally.

Choose the best plan for your business or contact sales to discuss our custom tier


No monthly minimum spend required



/ GB / month


$5K monthly minimum spend required



/ GB / month


$10K monthly minimum spend



       Start free today            No setup fees            Consumption-based pricing


  • Consumption charges will be shown in your dashboard in three primary data use buckets: Data storage, Data uploads/downloads, Processing, encryption and file viewing.

  • Pricing is listed in USD, and is based on typical usage. Typical usage is based on 1TB of storage and associated uploads, downloads, and views. Actual client usage will vary. 

All plans include

Unlimited users

Empower your entire team with unlimited user access and maximize the value of shared, reliable geospatial, 3D, and design data.

Single tenant

Ensure exclusive access and dedicated resources with enhanced performance and customization tailored specifically to your company's needs.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Reduce password fatigue, improve security, streamline user authentication processes, and enhance login convenience and  efficiency.

Built-in data governance

Make it easy for users to spot duplicates or different versions of the same data with varying quality. Manage your data better and ensure you keep only the best quality information.

Secure, scalable storage

Cloud-based, pay-as-you-grow consumption pricing ensures you only pay for what you use, giving you peace of mind that scaling is quick and easy.

Data visualization tool

Allow engineers, project managers, and other stakeholders to preview 3D and geospatial data directly in the platform to enhance collaboration and improve decision making.

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