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Cloud-based software to unify all of your existing digital investments.  

With VEERUM Smart Site, you can integrate data sources to enrich the visual model of an asset. You determine the sources of information and create a customized solution. Common information sources include Maximo, SAP, OSI Pi, document management systems, real-time IoT devices and many others.

What you can do with VEERUM Smart Site

1. Aggregate and contextualize your asset data

Create and unify asset data within reality

Enrich your organizations visual data by unifying all of your existing asset information in the context of a 3D viewer.

Information management

2. Visualize

Visualize large, georeferenced data sets in a common viewing environment

Visualize the latest CAD designs, reality scans, and 2D plot plans in the same viewer to verify site conditions. VEERUM is optimized to quickly load large pointcloud files so the entire asset team can access previously democratized data.


3. Collaborate remotely

Collaborate with your entire asset team from anywhere

Work remotely with the rest of the asset team with easy to use in-app collaboration tools. Subject matter experts can add context to visual data sets to help decision makers make better informed decisions.


4. Analyze

Understand the latest asset data with easy to use analytic tools

Allow non-subject-matter experts to analyze the latest data within the 3D viewer. Users can make quicker decisions by exporting the latest data to analyze within specialized engineering software.

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VEERUM Smart Site

Visualize large files

Visualize large files

Visualize large georeferenced 3D reality and design models in a single viewer. Quickly understand the latest visual information in the context of other visual layers.

Object and propertes

Objects and properties

Add information to objects in the CAD models and reality scans in the collaborative 3D viewer. Crowdsource the latest asset information from subject matter experts in your organization to keep the digital asset up to date.

Orthgraphic mode

Orthographic mode

Orthographic view displays the digital site as a two-dimensional representation of the 3D workscope. 

Time series data

Time series data

Access the latest progress data with easy to analyze s-curves. Identify bottlenecks and enable remote planning with the latest progress information.

Share view

Share view

You can save or share a unique URL of your view in the application to access later or share with your team members. This adds visual context that can be added to emails, reports, and virtual meetings for improved collaboration.

Progress and quality analytics

Progress and quality analytics

Access timely, accurate and complete progress and quality reports directly in the application. Identify and rectify issues in the digital world before they impact reality.

Data integration

Data integration

Search for and access your existing asset information attached to georeferenced objects within VEERUM’s application. Bring visual context to traditionally text-based data.


Isolate select areas of your 3D models for analysis in the application, or export into 3rd-party engineering tools. Enable engineering within reality and design.

Advanced search

Advanced search

Asset information can be searched for and displayed beside the digital site. Users can quickly find this information by clicking components in the digital site, or by searching with tag information in advanced search.



Make digitally verified measurements between 3D models. Enable virtual maintenance planning and remote bidding from the safety and convenience of the home or office.

Virtual reality

You can experience any of your VEERUM sites in immersive virtual reality. Users can launch VR directly from the VEERUM application with any WebXR enabled device.

Streamline your workflow with powerful integrations

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Choose your plan

Our plans can meet a broad range of requirements, whether you're a digital leader in your field or have just started your digital transformation.




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Transform your asset management
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