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Surveying simplified: 4 benefits of VEERUM 3DVAULT for surveyors

Surveying with VEERUM 3DVAULT

Surveying simplified: 4 benefits of VEERUM 3DVAULT for surveyors 

We know the challenges you face in the field—integrating diverse datasets, coordinating communication between tools, processing large datasets, and staying updated with new technologies. VEERUM understands these challenges all too well and presents a solution to simplify your daily workflow: VEERUM 3DVAULT. VEERUM 3DVAULT is the new SaaS standard for secure, scalable geospatial and design data storage and management. It’s here to transform your 3D data experience and say goodbye to data loss and recapture costs forever. In this blog, we’ll share 4 game-changing benefits that VEERUM 3DVAULT offers to optimize your surveying processes and enhance your efficiency.

Simple data integration and interoperability

Gathering data from various sources like GPS, drones, and satellite imagery is par for the course in surveying. But integrating and aligning diverse datasets with different formats and standards? That's where the real challenge lies. VEERUM 3DVAULT makes this process simple with easy integration capabilities. Designed for 3D reality capture, 2D, 3D, and 360-degree imagery and photos, CAD and BIM models, site data (plot plans, P&IDs, etc.), and more, VEERUM 3DVAULT serves as a cloud-based storage solution, offering your team a secure and high-scale location for all its 3D geospatial and visual data. When clients require integration with other systems, the platform supports open file formats, providing users with the capability to work visually, gain insights into existing site conditions, and comprehend 3D data easily. 

Effortless data governance

Ensuring data accuracy and quality is essential in surveying, where precision is key. Raw survey data often has errors, outliers, or inconsistencies, demanding meticulous attention to detail during the cleaning process. VEERUM 3DVAULT improves this process with metadata schemas that mandate essential data details, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness. Centralized data storage facilitates easy identification of duplicates, enabling effective management and retention of high-quality information. With customizable workflows and approval processes, VEERUM 3DVAULT simplifies data uploads, transformation, and management, guaranteeing adherence to validation requirements and ensuring project success.

Quick processing of large data sets

Processing large datasets from high-resolution sensors or 3D point cloud data can be a frustrating task. We know surveyors often encounter prolonged waiting times to extract the necessary data for analysis or reporting. The prompt retrieval of specific information from large datasets is essential for informed decision-making and effective monitoring of project progress. But with VEERUM 3DVAULT, you can tackle even the largest datasets with ease. Our platform offers exceptional speed, high performance, and remarkable scalability in terms of storage, retrieval, and overall performance, eliminating the need for specialized tools and speeding up your workflow. Its design caters to the collaboration of numerous users working simultaneously from diverse geographical locations, ensuring you have the data you need quickly to make informed decisions. 

Adaptability to new technologies 

As surveying technology continues to rapidly progress, staying updated with new technologies and methodologies is essential. But keeping up with the latest trends and innovations can be challenging. That's where VEERUM 3DVAULT comes in. Our platform is designed to adapt to new surveying technologies, ensuring that you're always ahead of the curve. With VEERUM 3DVAULT, you can embrace new technologies with confidence, knowing that you have the tools and resources you need to succeed. VEERUM 3DVAULT is built on the latest highly secure and high-scale technologies. It is a user-friendly cloud-based solution that undergoes continuous maintenance, and users can effortlessly upload, transform, and manage their data from any location.

In conclusion, VEERUM 3DVAULT is more than just a data management system—it's an innovative breakthrough for the daily tasks of surveyors. With its integration capabilities, efficient data processing, and adaptability to new technologies, VEERUM 3DVAULT is the key to simplifying your surveying workflow. So what are you waiting for? Download our white paper now to discover how VEERUM 3DVAULT can simplify your data workflows. 

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