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Engineered for success: 4 benefits of VEERUM 3DVAULT for engineers

Updated: May 13

Engineer looking at CAD model

We know that engineering data is often synonymous with complexity, especially when it comes to managing and storing vast datasets integral to project success. From massive data sets to collaboration hurdles, we know that engineers require innovative solutions tailored to their unique needs. VEERUM understands these challenges all too well and presents a solution to simplify your daily workflow: VEERUM 3DVAULT. VEERUM 3DVAULT is the new SaaS standard for secure, scalable geospatial and design data storage and management. It’s here to transform your 3D data experience and say goodbye to data loss and recapture costs forever. In this blog, we’ll share four major benefits VEERUM 3DVAULT offers for engineering workflows. 

Scalable cloud storage 

Engineering projects generate vast amounts of data, ranging from intricate 3D models to extensive documentation. Storing this data on traditional network drives can strain infrastructure and impede access speeds. VEERUM 3DVAULT offers a cloud-based SaaS solution designed for scalability. With infinite scalability, engineers can store and manage all forms of 3D, geospatial, and visual data without worrying about infrastructure constraints. The platform's tiered consumption-based pricing model provides flexibility, allowing organizations to choose the storage capacity that aligns with their needs, eliminating unnecessary costs and optimizing resource utilization.

Integration across disciplines 

We know that engineers often collaborate across multiple disciplines, with each discipline contributing unique datasets. Integrating and maintaining data integrity across these diverse datasets can be challenging. VEERUM 3DVAULT serves as a centralized repository for all geospatial data, supporting open file formats and enabling seamless integration of multidisciplinary data. Whether it's CAD models, BIM data, or site plans, engineers can collaborate effectively and maintain data integrity throughout the project lifecycle. With all your essential data in front of you, engineers can easily understand the full picture of their data and make efficient decisions. 

Simplified metadata schemas

VEERUM 3DVAULT facilitates efficient collaboration and decision-making in engineering projects through metadata schemas tailored to each database. These schemas ensure that data is accurately labeled and categorized, allowing for easy retrieval and utilization. By providing customizable approval statuses and comprehensive metadata schemas, VEERUM 3DVAULT enhances data quality and reliability, ensuring that the right information is accessible at the right time. This approach not only streamlines version control but also enforces data governance requirements, laying a solid foundation for project success.

Data security and collaboration

Protecting sensitive engineering data and facilitating collaboration across remote teams are important concerns. VEERUM 3DVAULT addresses these challenges with enterprise-level security features, including encryption, access management, and data backup. Its cloud-based nature enables real-time collaboration, allowing engineers to work together from anywhere, anytime, with confidence in the security of their data. By fostering greater productivity and innovation while maintaining stringent security standards, VEERUM 3DVAULT empowers engineers to unlock new levels of efficiency and success in their projects.

VEERUM 3DVAULT emerges as a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of engineers, addressing key challenges related to data storage, integration, metadata schemas, security, and collaboration. 3DVAULT is here to help engineers reach new heights of efficiency, reliability, and innovation in their projects. So what are you waiting for? Download our white paper now to discover how VEERUM 3DVAULT can simplify your data workflows. 

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