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Operations, Maintenance, and Reliability

Streamline processes, reduce costs, and prioritize safety with one strategic solution. 

Transform your operations strategy and be more efficient by analyzing, planning and executing work packages instead of waiting for access to data. Reduce risk of field clashes, Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) and safety exposure within a single application



Improved efficiency by avoiding non-essential field trips.



Realized cost savings of 50x ROI by avoiding 100% of field clashes. 


Advanced turnaround execution by 2 days, resulting in $2 million cost savings.

Step into the future of Operations, Maintenance, and Reliability

Learn how VEERUM can digitally transform your Operations, Maintenance, and Reliability strategy. 

Asset maintenance

Improve workflow productivity by visualizing current site conditions remotely. Analyze your work order status, safe work permits, vendor documentation and more in one cloud-hosted application. 

Operations production

Gather real-time data and produce constraint-free maintenance plans for time-sensitive delivery.

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Asset reliability

Create quick links with VEERUM V-Link to quickly access current production and monitoring data. Analyze real-time conditions impacting asset life or performance. 

Material management

Easily keep track of inventory and all activities to ensure all production needs are met.

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Commissioning and startup

Reduce the amount of time to gather information with a single source of information from construction to operations.

Supply chain management

Start conversations in the VEERUM application to identify and track new equipment, vendors, and routes.



Optimize operations and ensure reliability using digital twin technology from VEERUM.


Tags and equipment

Add information to objects in the CAD models and reality scans in the collaborative 3D viewer. Crowdsource the latest asset information from subject matter experts in your organization to keep the digital asset up to date.


Users can have threaded conversations directly in the 3D viewer with other stakeholders to quickly identify work order status and manage change.

Share view


You can save or share a unique URL of your view in the application to access later or share with your team members. This adds visual context that can be added to emails, reports, and virtual meetings for improved collaboration.

Using deep-link technology, V-Link provides quick links between objects or object search results and 3rd party applications. When opening a V-Link, users are redirected to the connected 3rd party applications, helping make access to up-to-date information efficient.

VEERUM drives immediate Operations, Maintenance & Reliability business value

Access critical operations data from anywhere.
Eliminate data silos and aggregate all asset data to improve planning efficiency.
Minimize the time to sequence maintenance tasks and deliver a constraint free plan.
Plan, analyze, and reduce costs from the safety and convienence of remote working spaces.

Drive decision making and add value across the entire asset lifecycle with a visual way of doing work.

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