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How VEERUM is impacting the digitization and optimization of heavy industry maintenance management

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Capital-intensive industries—such as oil and gas, manufacturing, chemicals, mining, and utilities—manage complex assets in which even a single hour of downtime can cost millions. In 2023, it’s essential for organizations to utilize digital technologies to increase efficiency, prioritize safety, and cut costs. In this blog, we’ll share exactly how to digitize quickly and efficiently while addressing current technology challenges. Check out our previous blog to learn more about all the phases of maintenance work order management and maintenance planning, focusing on current state challenges and how technology is alleviating those challenges, improving productivity and safety, and reducing costs. Today, we’ll specifically focus this post on how VEERUM’s digital twin technology performs with a spotlight on key advantages of the application.

VEERUM advantages

VEERUM DigitalTWIN allows you to connect all asset information. Pull a master tag registry from your enterprise asset management system. Any information source associated with the tag will be connected and viewable in the 3D viewer, including:

  • Documents

  • Inspection records

  • Work orders

  • Permits

  • Real-time operating data

Visualize large files

Visualize large geo-referenced 3D reality and design models in a single viewer. Quickly understand the latest visual information in the context of other visual layers.

Crowdsource and collaborate

Add information to objects in the CAD models and reality scans in the collaborative 3D viewer. Crowdsource the latest asset information from subject-matter-experts in your organization to keep the digital asset up to date.

Enable engineering

Isolate select areas of your 3D models for analysis in the application, or export into 3rd party engineering tools. Enable engineering within reality and design.

Search and display

Asset information can be searched for and displayed beside the digital site. Users can quickly find this information by clicking components in the digital site, or by searching with tag information in advanced search.

Share view

You can save or share a unique URL of your view in the application to access later or share with your team members. This adds visual context that can be added to emails, reports, and virtual meetings for improved collaboration.

Verified measurements

Make digitally verified measurements between 3D models. Enable virtual maintenance planning and remote bidding from the safety and convenience of the home or office.

Virtual reality

You can experience any of your VEERUM sites in immersive virtual reality. Users can launch VR directly from the VEERUM application with any WebXR enabled device.

Accelerate digital

Deploy hardware such as laser scanners or camera mounted drones to capture your site to any desired precision. Combine with any existing 2D, 3D design, satellite imagery and plot plans to create a rich 3D digital twin of the asset.

Next week we’ll get back to our series on the stages of maintenance management. We’ve fully reviewed work identification and planning, and we’re moving onto scheduling; the current state, and how technology is optimizing scheduling, increasing productivity, and impacting safety and the bottom line.

To learn more about how technology is impacting maintenance management by enabling data aggregation, contextualization and remote 3D visualization of assets, download the full white paper here.


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