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Unlocking operational excellence with data-rich digital twins: A VEERUM case study

Updated: Feb 28

The challenge

Our client, a prominent energy sector leader with an expansive network spanning North America, faced a common but pervasive challenge. With assets in natural gas, oil, and power, their asset portfolio was vast and complex, spread across the continent and in different phases of the asset lifecycle. The traditional project-driven approach had resulted in scattered data and a struggle to maintain accurate, up-to-date models of their facilities. Asset stakeholders often had to search multiple systems, or even travel to site to confirm site conditions and gain the valuable insights they couldn’t from their siloed data.

For our client, data organization had become a puzzle, with assets reliant on personnel knowledge and scattered information. Vital as-built models and Smart P&IDs were difficult to keep current, making it a challenge to understand on-site conditions. This resulted in projects often going over budget and over schedule, hindering efficient project execution.

The VEERUM solution

The immediate need to standardize and elevate the organization’s digital asset management became clear. Enter VEERUM DigitalTWIN, ready to enable a new visual way of working. By harnessing VEERUM's digital twin solution, the client embraced a fresh approach to their operations. VEERUM’s collaborative 3D viewer became the single pane of glass for all the client’s data. This included 2D and 3D data, real-time IoT data, work orders, and document management systems, all organized within the context of the actual sites. Data access became effortless, streamlining processes and removing the need for extensive travel to remote and risky sites.

The outcomes

The results were transformative:

Aggregated data: Integration of information systems like SAP and Opentext within the immersive 3D viewer offered unprecedented data aggregation and visualization.

Travel reduction: The virtual site provided remote access to all data, essentially enabling on-site experiences without the need to physically travel.

Enhanced safety: Risky, costly, and inefficient site visits were significantly reduced, ensuring improved safety and operational efficiency.

Precise planning: VEERUM’s visual way of working paved the way for meticulous, constraint-free maintenance planning.

AI/ML adoption: Through VEERUM, existing asset data was aggregated, verified, visualized, and labeled, positioning the client for seamless AI/ML adoption.

Emergency preparedness: With round-the-clock leadership coverage, agile response to deviations, emergency conditions, and regulatory compliance became the norm.

In this VEERUM case study, we witnessed an exciting journey from data fragmentation to complete digital unity. By embracing better digital asset management, our client achieved operational excellence, ensuring informed decisions, minimized risks, and cost-effective practices. With VEERUM's digital twin software, organizations are achieving a reality where cohesive data empowers them to make true progress.

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