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Release 3.5 focuses on upgraded user experience

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

VEERUM’s latest release enhances user search experience, allows for diagnostics monitoring, and presents time series information for API-based object integrations.

Below we will highlight the new features in VEERUM 3.5:

Intelligent number searching

Many of VEERUM’s clients have thousands of objects across their portfolio of sites. Release 3.5 makes it even easier for users to quickly find what you are looking for with intelligent number searching. The VEERUM search function now recognizes numbers as distinct values enabling faster search results, and quicker decision making.

When using a number as part of your search, the specified condition applies particular operations for more targeted results. In addition to the typical advanced search conditions, intelligent number searches add additional “greater than,” and “less than” conditions to quickly narrow down your search results.

An advanced search in VEERUM’s application

With intelligent number searching, you can search for object properties within a clearly defined date range or easily locate objects with numeric value. This allows for regular analysis and optimization of your asset data, making it easier than ever to find the information you need to make time-sensitive decisions.

Diagnostics monitoring

The new diagnostic tool has been implemented to quickly identify application issues and empower the operations teams to identify and respond to user performance issues.

The new diagnostics monitoring feature provides details on the current performance status of VEERUM on your device. Automatic pop ups warn users if the application has a performance interruption and provides information on how to fix the issue.

In addition to automatic monitoring, you can manually open the diagnostics tool to view the current performance statistics. If users are experiencing slow performance with VEERUM, they can open the diagnostics tools and send the information directly to the VEERUM services team to quickly resolve the issue.

Time Series for API-based object integrations

VEERUM now includes the ability to track the progress and cadence of objects integrated. Based on a defined schedule (e.g. daily), the Time Series function creates a summary of entries for all synchronized objects from your specified integration (e.g. SAP, SharePoint, Fulcrum, Documentum, IBM Maximo). This analysis unlocks additional insights such as viewing the total number of objects integrated per time period. This allows you to track the progress details of operations such as equipment, tags, work order status, safety incidents, inspections, documents and more.

Additional details of the synchronized information is also available for download in a CSV format via the “files” tab in the application.

These new features are already adding value across the asset life cycle for VEERUM’s existing clients. If you’re interested in learning more about how these features generate new business value for your project, head to today.


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