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VEERUM’s new X-Ray theme brings a fresh perspective to your assets

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

VEERUM’s latest release focuses on bringing the future of visuals to end users, showcasing our client’s data in some of the most incredible ways we’ve ever seen. Platform 3.2.3 brings a video game like experience to provide new perspectives to data sets.

Below we will highlight the new features of this release:

The X-Ray theme

The Visuals menu now includes a Themes category, including the new X-Ray theme. The X-ray theme presents your workscopes in a transparent mode. With X-Ray, you can instantly see through models, ground, buildings, walls, floors, rooms, doors, equipment, steel, earth or anything else in your workscope.

Opacity slider

You can refine your X-Ray transparency with the new Opacity slider. Adjust the gamma, brightness, and contrast settings in the X-Ray theme to create high-quality and precise visuals. Use the new Point Size, Shape, and Type sliders for more control and visual insight into your data.

Use cases

Underground view

View undergrounds from above ground, without moving the camera. You can then view design vs. reality in X-Ray to easily identify underground quality issues.


Create even more accurate measurements between components, including previously hidden points & through walls.

Progress analytics

X-Ray shows an enhanced experience of progress analytics. Green shows components installed, and red shows all missing components. This provides visual confirmation of the project status.

Ad hoc quality checks

Combine Object or Clipping highlight with X-Ray to highlight transparent objects. Gain an even clearer image of small details like lettering on pipes and fine tune measurements.

Are you ready to see the X-Ray theme in action and gain greater insight into your assets? Speak to one of our account executives today.


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