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Dig into the future of mining to control costs, heighten efficiency, and improve safety. 
Visualize and aggregate all your asset information
 Prioritize safety and improve Mining productivity
Reduce survey costs with our Earthworks solution

In the wake of a changing social, political, and environmental landscape, the Mining industry needs to overcome countless barriers to stay competitive. Discover a tried and tested solution that allows you to deliver projects under budget and ahead of schedule.

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Reduce inspection costs by 50%

Reduce planning and compliance by 80%

Reduce field safety exposure by 30%


Accelerate your Mining digital transformation

Our 3D visualization application delivers the site to stakeholders who cannot be on site for vital decision making. With specialized solutions developed for the Mining industry including commodity volume monitoring and off-site training, VEERUM’s solution is the easiest way to get ahead of the competition.

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Oil and Gas extraction

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Coal mining

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Metal ore mining

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Mineral mining and quarrying

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Improve the productivity of your Mining operations

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Data agnostic

VEERUM can ingest and analyze almost any data source. Ensure that all project stakeholders have the information they need to make data-driven decisions.


System of record

By simulating the work environment, users can create long-term and short-term schedules and create accurate estimates for drilling, crushing, and extraction work.



Make employee safety the top priority by conducting immersive virtual site walkthroughs and reducing the need for site exposure.


Remote collaboration

Reduce site exposure and travel to risky and isolated sites. Gather all your experts in VEERUM's application anytime, anywhere.

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Your dedicated team of experts

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100+ years experience in the Mining industry

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48 hour implementation time with your existing data

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A product roadmap to meet your needs

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Dedicated solutions for your organization's unique challenges

At VEERUM, we provide you with more than just access to our technology. A dedicated solutions specialist provides your team with end-to-end support, including geospatial expertise, analysis, and reports. 

Use case
Reduce survey and reporting costs by 50%


Implement a Mining solution that reduces downtime and maximizes profit

Status quo

Traditional surveys are performed in close proximity to heavy machinery, loose soil, and ditches. Incomplete and imprecise paper records from such survey methods lead to payment reconciliation issues.

Bring your team to the forefront of Mining innovation

1. Digitize your site

By deploying hardware such as laser scanners or camera mounted drones, a site can be digitized to any desired precision. This data capture is combined with any existing 2D, 3D design, satellite imagery and plot plans to create a rich 3D digital twin of the asset.

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2. Cross reference your data with reality

The data is then ingested and cross referenced with geotechincal reports to accurately determine quantities moved by soil type.

3. Real-time progress

Daily progress measurements and percent completed are calculated and accessible under Progress, enabling real time progress tracking. 

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Solve your pain points with an end-to-end Mining solution

Accelerate your digital transformation in less than 48 hours

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