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Digitally transform your utility assets to reduce risk and boost reliability. 

Electric utilities are challenged to support clean energy practices, adapt to changing demand and client needs, while ensuring grid resilience and reliability. 

Total asset information at your fingertips
Reduce site exposure and improve remote collaboration
Reduce site exposure with virtual maintenance with a Digital Twin strategy
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Enable remote collaboration across 100% of your team

Reduce inspection costs by 25%

Reduce contingency costs by 10%

Be on site without going to site


From hydro power to wind power, asset owners across the globe rely on the VEERUM Digital Twin to monitor their remote industrial assets. VEERUM integrations ensure all of your real-time IoT data and document management data is available to all stakeholders. A digital system of record is available to monitor asset health through the entire asset lifecycle.

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Power generation

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Solar farms

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Wind farms

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Hydroelectric dams

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Aggregate all your information through the entire asset lifecycle


Data agnostic

We can ingest and analyze almost any data source. Aggregate all your data including LiDAR scans, metadata, and analytics. 


System of record

With just one click the VEERUM application gives you access to all your site information, in an easy-to-use, cloud-hosted environment.



Make employee safety the top priority by conducting immersive virtual site walkthroughs and reducing the need for site exposure.


Remote collaboration

From the project manager to contractors, ensure that every team member has the information they need to get the job done efficiently and safely.

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Your dedicated team of experts

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100+ years experience in the Power and Utilities industry

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48 hour implementation time with your existing data

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A product roadmap to meet your needs

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Dedicated solutions for your organization's unique challenges

At VEERUM, we provide you with more than just access to our technology. A dedicated solutions specialist provides your team with end-to-end support, including geospatial expertise, analysis, and reports. 

Use case

Remote access to Power and Utilities assets


Easily mitigate issues without leaving your desk

Status quo

Transmission and distribution line construction and maintenance is difficult due to the size and remote locations. Inspections for quality and progress require manual visual work and can sometimes be difficult to complete on schedule. Once the line is complete and in operation, the line must be protected from trees that grow to dangerous heights and locations.

Monitor vegetation encroachment and identify issues

1. Aggregate existing data

Aggregate all existing asset data including designs, reality captures, IoT information, and associated content management systems in the Digital Twin. Our services team will help you verify the information and identify any data gaps that can be filled in with additional data collection.

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2. Create a data-rich asset

With VEERUM’s heatmap tool, users can toggle the tolerance of movement between two scans and quickly identify any location that has changed in the last 6 months. With this information, they can plan future maintenance projects, and communicate remotely with contractors.

3. Analyze and communicate

With a digital replica of the site available anywhere in the world, all project stakeholders can virtually visit the project without leaving the safety and convenience of the office.

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Achieve operational excellence and promote sustainability today

Accelerate your digital transformation in less than 48 hours

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