Welcome to our VEERUM Board of Directors

Updated: Mar 25

We’re excited to share a warm welcome to our Board of Directors.

Kent Brown, Judy Fairburn, Michael Koury and James Pasieka bring exceptional experience across entrepreneurship and corporate growth, developing amazing teams and cultures, as well as impressive results in new technology development and adoption.

Kent Brown – Board Chair

“I’m excited to be part of the VEERUM team to use technology to solve a massive problem in the construction industry – late and over budget projects. Solving this problem will allow critical infrastructure to be built better and cheaper.

I’m also proud to be involved in a company showing the world the strength of innovation and tech in Calgary and that Calgary is not a one-trick pony.”

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Judy Fairburn – Board Director

“VEERUM offers industrial project developers an impactful solution, uniquely devised by seasoned construction industry leaders in concert with talented digital developers, to bring project certainty and drive down costs.”

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Michael Koury – Board Director

“Technology advancements can significantly improve the way capital projects are planned and delivered. In particular, AI has considerable potential to improve complex processes by leveraging past experiences to more accurately predict future activities.

I see VEERUM leading this charge to the benefit of diverse stakeholders whose objectives are to deliver safer jobsites, improved workflows and more on time/on budget completion of capital projects.”

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James Pasieka – Corporate Secretary

“I am excited to be involved with VEERUM – to be part of a leading edge solution in construction technology, with world-wide application and jaw dropping potential.”

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In addition to our four new faces, Steve Fisher (Co-Founder and CEO) and Amit Varma (Co-Founder and Head of Business Development) also sit on the Board.

The VEERUM team would also like to extend a big thanks to Kinetica Ventures for their guidance on governance.